November 8, 2011

Yep, they're slimey

After a long two years and 11 months, I finally got my braces off! No more awkwardly covering my mouth as I try to get food out from in between them. No more ulcers from the brackets rubbing against my cheeks. No more elastics. No more pain from having them tightened.


Last photos I took with braces using Sophia's iphone and pixlr o'matic.

One of the first photos I took after I got them off. I feel and look so weird smiling with my teeth :(

Jihae came along to keep me entertained and we made a quick stop to the Latin Clothing Company. I ended up getting two dresses for $15 each.

Hope everyone's well and good luck for the upcoming exams ♥


Fay said...

You got your braces off!
I have to get braces on! >:

Julie said...

I am almost taking my braces off too! You look even more pretty without your braces haha :)

Your purchases are cute too btw!

h.tea said...

Oh wow! I really love the details on the second dress! It's so pretty!

I can't wait to see more photos of your gorgeous smile (; Hahaha!

Dreaming into Reality said...

You have awesome taste =) Please check out my blog xx