February 19, 2011

Robin Hikaru

I felt so stupid before I went to take the photos above for my art homework. This term my portfolio's going to be based on a "quirky but realistic" character that I have to design myself. I was an idiot and made my character love reading (not very original, I know) as one of her traits and then bam, I realised that the only novels I own are the ones I have to buy for school ugh.

Anywayyy, yeah.. There's not much to say today apart the fact that I am about to be swallowed up by maths and English assignments and that the Photobucket icons will be gone on the 29th of this month so until then T____T"


Melody said...

HATE PHOTOBUCKET 'S BANDWIDTH GRRR. And eeeee lol! If you lived in Melb, I could've let you borrow one of my many books but ;__; ! You should maybe just go to the library and borrow haha!

Anonymous said...

What book is that on your blog? The one with the pictures? (:The first one.

.sabo skirt. said...

very artistic photographs, love your blog :)

much love from the .sabo skirt. girls. xoxo


ChiccaStyle said...

Amazing post, love it!!!

Rosa Pel said...

nice photos !

Runway Rundown said...

WOW, what is that last pic of? Is it a headpiece? Its stunning!

GlamorousGirl said...

love these photos :)
love ur blog:)
hope u come by and check out my blog on:


lauren baluyo said...

There's something quite magical and heavenly about these shots. I wonder what camera did you use for these?


PS. Come enter into my caged armor ring GIVEAWAY! If you adore Pamela Love, then I'm sure you'll fancy this trinket.


diana kang said...

these are really pretty shots xx

DAKOTA said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! goooorgeous piece!!!

Beckerman Girls said...

Love Love Love how you photographed the book! Soooooo cool and inspiring! WOWOW!!!! You make any photo look awesome!
Big Kisses.. MWAH!
xox Beckerman sistas


Cylia said...

good luck with homework and assignments!:) I like these pictures btw.

Carissa said...

hahah. good luck girl <3 I always have a hard time everytime I have to make something with theme for my portfolio.

Ice Pandora said...

I gave up on uploading photo's throug P'bucket since I run out of bandwich :(
Reading books is nice, I used to dislike them but I think reading good novels will draw you into the story ^^