February 12, 2011


Happy birthday Jenny (for tomorrow). I went out for my little sister's birthday bbq today with some family member's and her friends. I swear the weather is so asdhasdjkh in Brisbane. On the holidays it was all rainy and then when we started school, perfect beach weather --"

The bbq was pretty alright. I didn't do much for most of it except for cook the food because I felt sick and ended up going home early with Adrii since we were both melting anyway. We ended up cooking way too much food and ended up taking three left-over trays home LOL.

By the way, I finished baking stuff for Valentine's day today. It looks really unappealing but knowing my friend's they'll probably eat it without hesitation LOL I hope I don't give anyone food poisoning or something ;~;


h.tea said...

You're so tall and pretty *_* I'm jelly as, bruh!

Happy birthday to your sister!

Fashionably Drugged said...

Lovely pictures! Happy Birthday to her :)

Would you mind following my blog?


Melody said...

Cutee photos!
And yes, you are wayyy too pretty to be allowed out of the house ! ;D

Can't wait to see the pics for your Vday stuff lool!


Sonia said...

You look lovely, and the food looks delicious!
Happy birthday to her :)

Sofi Stellar said...

Such pretty photos! This looks like fun, and everything looks great!

Trend Steps said...

cute pictures! What did you bake? :)

Fernroro said...

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- youre so skinny!! >< jealousss hahaha

happy birthday to jenny! :D

i baked stuff for valentines day too :3 it also looks unappealing and sugary...very sugary..
xD but its quite yummy nonetheless

super-rabbit said...

Happy b'day to jenny ^_^!

and dang..
you look so pretty and tall XD

Layout Tester said...

Why so pretty/tall? D:

gillynguyen said...

woops the "layout tester" was gilly btw xD .

I am Khatu said...

So jealous of your weather. Why can't it be warm here...:(

Runway Rundown said...

Lovely photos! Such a cute family. I bet it was a wonderful time.

Check out Runway Rundown!!

WanderLust said...

lust lust lusting your outfit! Looks so beautiful :) Now following you!!


Daniela Skeyki said...

you guys look cute!

hope you will folow or atleast visit my blog