February 6, 2011

I kinda wanna be more than friends

I think I got more tanned after today ;~;

I went out with Adrii, Nina, Lice, Dora and Pong today. We watched Black Swan in the morning and omg it was one of the weirdest films I've ever seen. It was really good though, minus the random things popping out of no where and the awkward sex scenes. Dora and I were curled up into a little ball for most of the movie because I was using her hair to cover my eyes LOL.

After that, Alice took us to suitcase rummage and I'm in love with it now. People sell their clothing, art, whatever for crazy cheap prices there. All of the stuff I bought was under or $5.00 each with the exception of the perfume which was $10.00 ♥

Oh and before I go, I was tagged by Melody to do the seven beauty characteristics tag which I'll do quickly now. As quoted by Melody, "We girls always complain that we hate this and that, so be positive and say something you like."

1. Height - This is probably the first thing you'll notice about me irl. I'm almost 170cm and tower over most of my school friends LOL.

2. Nails - For some reason my nails always grow really fast and rarely snap.

3. Fingers - Okay not really. They only look long because my nails are long and without them they look short and stubby TT

4. Dimple - Even though I only have one on my right cheek. It's really shallow and for some reason you can see it more when I talk than when I smile.

5. Bottom lashes - I have too many lashes on the bottom in comparison to the amount on top. Speaking of which, my sister is probably laughing her head off reading this because her eyelashes are so thick they look like falsies --"

6. Forth tooth from the bottom left - This was Alice's idea.

7. Hair - Even though I hate it for growing so slowly, I'm really lucky that it's still healthy (minus the part I bleached a few years ago) after all the straightening/curling.

I tag Alice and Sandra!


Anonymous said...

I really like that crochet! Did you get it at the suitcase rummage or?

srhtrng said...

Yes <3 everything I bought today was from suitcase rummage.

Melody said...

This suitcase rummage sounds amazingly fun !! I have never heard of anything of such in melb :( /sad

But yayy, your top looks good! And perfume for $10 is heaps a bargain!

Forth tooth from bottom left? LOL.

h.tea said...

You have an amazing eye for secondhand goods! I'm so jealous!! I actually went to a similiar thing this morning--Camberwell market. Didn't find anything as great as what you found (!) but I'm happy that my items were <$10 each :D:D:D

Anonymous said...

Where was the suitcase rummage Sarah? :)

srhtrng said...

It wasn't really that fun because the sun was killing all of us D; and yes LOL I asked Alice to help me and that's what she came up with.

Post about it soon! and yeah I was so happy when they said something was only $3. So cheappp *O*

Here's their schedule and listed locations :) http://suitcase-rummage.blogspot.com/

Fernroro said...

wow! you manage to get quite a lot of good stuff

i have that perfume too (: but i dislike it since the smell doesn't stick to you after a while, but its still nice x]

i love the artworks that theyre selling! *-*

xfionanaa said...

DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN i was at city sunday slkdjfl

Julie said...

Wow! The suitcase rummage looks like an amazing place to shop! I'm pretty sad that I don't hear that around my area :(! Btw, I'm lovin' all the stuff you purchased <3

Anonymous said...

Wow you're really pale! :s Good thing you got a a bit tanner though! :)

srhtrng said...

Yes! The art they were selling was gorgeous and really? I used it today and it stuck to me for a few hours :3

HA ;)


Irl I'm quite dark ;~;

Honeybee said...

askhufodhgor I love your hair so much, it's gotten so long and pretty! :) And you bleached your hair? :o

fashionstoned said...

Lovely pictures!!

CC said...

Adorable photos! Love the polka dot top. :)

Alexandra Amico said...

nice post! love the pink hair


Catherine said...

hey! nice pictures :)
ps: your perfume smells like HEAVEN! love it xx

srhtrng said...

<3!! I bleached my hair in early 2009.

@fashionstoned, CC, Alexandra Amico, Catherine
Thank you ♥

Anonymous said...

omg u got the perfume $10.00? so lucky.i bought vera wang perfume at vera wang boutique it's $100.00.