February 10, 2011

Whatever you like

While I was going through my Flickr contacts the other day, I came across burn our souls, release the wicked II by Ailera Stone and I really liked the headband that the models were wearing so I decided to make one for Sandra as a gift. The leaves were pretty fluro but it came out pretty nicely :3

1. What I used: Fake flowers that Linda gave me, lace I cut off from an old skirt, wire, needles and thread. First, all you have to do is wind the ends of the wire together to make a circle that'll fit around your head.

2. Wrap the lace around the wire and tie a knot when you're done. Don't cut off the excess lace.

3. Use a needle and thread to stitch the flowers onto an area close to where you tied the knot. Try to make it as stable and tight as you can.

4. Use the excess lace from the knot to cover the stitches you just made. The lace can be used as extra support to keep the flowers in place. Stitch the two tails of lace together discretely and cut off anything you don't need.


Julie said...

That's a lovely headband! You've kind of inspired me to go and make one now :)

Melody said...

Pretttyyy! <3

h.tea said...

you are such a smart cookie! the headband looks gorgeous! I must head out to buy some fake flowers now!

Death By Shoe said...

This is too pretty, I love how it looks against your dark hair. May have to try this :)


Fernroro said...

awww such a cute headband! :D

Anonymous said...

loving your blog!
i'll be back for sure, so keep it up!
come visit COSMICaroline and see the new layout, fresh looks, and an upcoming post on the Nashville Anthropologie Fashion Show!


Layout Tester said...

Omg, cute :DDD

Oslo by fashion said...

I love that!how cute :)

xfionanaa said...

lace from that dress? i used mine as a hair ribbon

Kristen Leotsakou said...

so cute and whimsy! <3

Claire and Vasia said...

That's so cute and so romantic.. We are crazy about flowers, remind us summer.!


JoeyAna said...

super inventive


Mei said...

Simple & creative! I love it you look like a fairy ^^ x~

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

love these! x hivennn