January 31, 2011

Top of the world

Yay, room tour! I just realised today that I've never done one so yeah.. might as well :) Just to let you know, there's not much text in this post, sorry.

My door with newspaper birds and an ancient Spongebob sticker on the door knob. The doors knobs in my house are so weird. They're all about where my mouth is as opposed to the modern ones which are a lot lower. My sister and I used to cry a lot when we were little because we'd get trapped in rooms and not be able to get out until someone heard us yelling because we were too short.

So bare~

Hmm.. I thought that I'd have more to type but I guess not LOL. Anyway, my headache won't leave me alone so I think I'm going to go to bed. I hope everyone has a wonderful night :)


Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful room, I love the birds they look so vintage. :)

Sorry, I have a very off-topic question...
I remember that you have bought from asia fashion wholesale before; with the bank transaction did you have to pay in US dollars? And if you did how did you guys manage it?

Melody said...

Aww, love your room!
Haha, your room seems a little like mine in the sense that one side has a heap of junk (the desk / shelves etc) and then the other side ..not so much lolol <3

But yes, your room is gorgeous. I love the blue walls! Anddddd the paper birds <3 (they look 3d almost?)

and LOL about the door knobs T-T" once ...I got trapped in a room and the door knob fell off ;_; I cried for ages and ages :(

Fernroro said...

I like the colour of your walls (:
You have a really pretty room!
So nice and clean~~~ ...unlike mine. LOL

Pee' Tee said...

Ooh, your room looks very big. :P

Julie said...

Your room is perfect! (in size and simplicity) & I really like your rose/flower accessories! :)

Tam said...

Your room is really cool, i would love to wake up to something inspiring and creative like that every day. I seriously want to have a room make over but dont know where to start! I love the photo text that you have "let your heart defy logic". simply amazing!

This is funny actually I've been looking for a black silhouette like the paper birds but i guess i should just go out and buy black paper and cut it into the silhouette shape intead. See what you have done? inspired me already! :D

It is really rare to come across blog that inspire me so im glad i have found yours.

Anonymous said...

Ooo, I like your necklaces :3

Anonymous said...

Haha in the last photo, is that a picture of someone smoking? Who is it? Hahah :)

gillynguyen said...

I love yuor room & accessories :3

srhtrng said...

@Melody , Fernroro, Pee'Tee, Julie, Alicia, gillynguyen
Thank you!!

@Anonymous 10:49 PM
Yeah we had to pay in USD. We just payed through Paypal and it worked out fine :)

That means so much to me ♥

@Anonymous 6:40 PM
Yes it is LOL. I have no idea who it is. Just thought it was pretty so I printed it out (:

Anonymous said...

I have the same chair as you except its the chocolate colour! i really wanted the white one LOL. your room is so creative and artistic! i love it :)

srhtrng said...

Thank you x] My chair is really weird. Unless it's at the maximum height, it makes lots of noise when I move around on it :\

Honeybee said...

Dude I la la love your creative-ness. The bird cut-outs you have on your door are beautiful! Did you draw the silhouettes yourself? :o Omfg. It's so inspiring to read about all of your creative projects, please do more, and then blog about it of course ;) And your room is lovely :)

srhtrng said...

Hi Honey! I made stencils on ps because I can't draw to save my life LOL. Thank you so much bubby <3