January 26, 2011

Australia day

Unfocused kitty face photo to start today's post. I have to return the tripod back to the school tomorrow TT

School on Tuesday was alright, I guess. It felt so good hugging all of the girls I haven't seen for six weeks.The school spent first period melting away slowly during assembly before going to their vertical form classes to meet the new year eights. We were meant to play games to get to know each other better but the teacher chose a game where we just passed a banana around the room using different hands to see how fast we could do it LOL.

I don't really have much to say today so here's a photo of my books which I finally covered to close.

Post edit: Some anons wanted me to post up the book covers for them to use. Click to view larger and save.


Melody said...

LOL passing a banana around sounds so freaking random hahahaha <3

But yes, your book covers are gorgeous and I love them! (: x

Anonymous said...

Your book covers look reaaally professional! :) Do you have anymore by any chance?

srhtrng said...

Thank you dear <3

No I don't sorry ><

h.tea said...

You book covers are so cool :D:D:D Too bad I've stopped using exercise books now :(

Tam said...

lol how much easier is it to have a tripod. LOL banana is indeed random.

srhtrng said...

What do you use then LOL

I knowww! I'm too stingy to buy one with my own money though |:

h.tea said...

I use loose leaf :P

May said...

Where do you get your book cover images from :O

*hopelessly looking on google images*

srhtrng said...

I think of what and it search them up on Google before editing them in ps5 :3

Anonymous said...

what printer do you have? your prints look like really good quality! and the covers are great too :)

srhtrng said...

I printed them at Officeworks :)

Anonymous said...

are the pictures you gave us edited?
what size did you print them?

srhtrng said...

Yes and I printed them on a4 paper