January 11, 2011

Snow White

Before I begin today's post, most of you probably already know that parts of Queensland are being severely flooded. Melisa showed me an online new article which basically tore me to pieces. To everybody reading this: Please be safe and I hope that none of you/your family/your friends become affected. RIP to those to have lost their lives in the Toowoomba floods. Ugh, typing this makes me feel horrible.

So, the past few days I've been trying to think of things to make for my room because I recently pulled down the "let your heart defy logic" letters above my bed. In hopes of inspiration I went to Officeworks to print 50+ photos and dug through my wardrobe to find a bunch of ancient film negatives to use. Linda was really helpful and found these bird cage lanterns I could make. Click here if you guys wanna see the tutorial.

When I saw them I assumed they were really easy to make because they looked so simple but far out, they're so tedious to work on. I took about an hour just to make one of them ;~; The end result was far from what I expected it to be but it was still nice. I'll just leave you guys with a bunch of photos now. Take care!


lynlininesix said...

gah, you've amazed me again! these are fantastic :)

Yasmin said...

omg i hope you're okay hun :( stay safe <33

Sarah said...

Thank you babe!

My house didn't flood at all today surprisingly so i think I'll be fine <3

Melody said...

These are pretty damn awesome! I wanna try do something like this ..if I can uh find my old negatives hahaha.

Anyway, the floods been all over the news. Hope you're safe ;A;

Sarah said...

You could just use normal coloured paper and thank you! I will (:

Anonymous said...

Hope you and your family are safe Sarah! (>^_^)> <(^_^<)

Honeybee said...

You always amaze me with your creativity! :) The birdcages are absolutley amazing! And omg the effects of all this flooding is terrible. And in nothern parts of Australia there's bushfires everywhere :'/ Hope you stay safe, Sarah :)

Sarah said...

Thank you ♥

Hello dearest. Yeah I knowwwwww. I was close to bawling my eyes out when I heard about the 4 year old boy :\ Dw, my family are no where near the floods ♥

Michelle said...

Wow!! How cool! Neat idea.... ^_^