January 23, 2011


Contact Lens review for EOS Super Nudy blue! (14.50mm)
These lenses are basically a larger version of the GEO Nudy Quarter series. I've tried the GEO Nudy blue before and I really loved them. They were the only blue lenses of the ones that I've tried that haven't let me down.

Differences between the GEO Nudy Quarter and EOS Super Nudy:
1. With the GEO version you have a set size of 14.00mm but with the EOS version you can either choose to have the 14.50mm or 15.00mm (depending on where you buy them from)
2. The colour of the EOS Super Nudy blue is slightly darker than the GEO Nudy quarter.

There was no advertised image for the Super Nudy blue so here's what they look like in the case. The left side is the back of the lens and the right side is the front. As you can see, the coloured area is really spotty and pixelated which is how Angela came up with the pick up line:
"I look into your eyes... and I see... pixels."

Design: 8/10 - The design doesn't blend very well into the eyes so it looks creepy when you see them up close in real life. They look really nice in photos though.
Size: 9/10 - Really noticeable enlargment.
Colour: 9.5/10 - If only they were slightly lighter.


Silkybow said...

They look really nice on you! It doesn't look that fake either which is good :)

ohwuht said...

It looks nice on you! I have a pair of blue ones as well but they're a bit dark so I don't wear them as much ;o

Melody said...

They look absolutely gorgeous on you *-* I've only tried GEO and NEO but def wanna try these one day ! I think a lot of contacts are harder to see IRL compared to photos :(

Saaaaad. But you look gorgeous as babe xo

O'STYLE said...


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veraa x. said...

WOW. they look so pretty on you 8) i have the nudy blue ones, not the super nudy blue. The normal nudy blue doesn't have as much of a fiece design on it, but still. IT LOOKS PRETTY AS ♥

Anita said...

The contacts look so nice on you!

Fernroro said...

i had those a year or so ago :) so its probably dead by now xD
only wore them once for an anime convention :)

they look really cute on you!!
but yeah up close in real life is sorta creepy >< lol

super-rabbit said...

Ohh, they look similair to my GEO Super Nudy Blues XD
I think they suit you very well, but I agree that they are a bit creepy up close (like with all teh other nudy contacts). Btw, you're very pretty XD

super-rabbit said...

lolwhut I said Super Nudys, but I meant the regular ones hehehe XD

srhtrng said...

Thank you everyone :3

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<3 Nanna

super-rabbit said...

pleaz post moarrr <33
hahahaha XD

srhtrng said...

I'll blog tonight hopefully!

Tam said...

The colour is so vivid and nice. I'm really eager to try contact lense but im scared it'll hurt.