December 20, 2010

While I was taking that photo ^ I was paying too much attention to my camera and suddenly all these flies flew up into my face - -" I looked down and there was a dead bird about 30cm away from my feet. aksdaskj horrible way to start my morning.

Today I bussed to Melisa's stop and she picked me up to take me to her house. The walk to her place was so tiring because it was so hottttttt. When we got there we started baking brownies and cupcakes. I was actually quite proud of the stuff we made :3 Our brownie was really thin because the baking pan we had was too big so the batter just spread itself LOL

Looks pretty good yes? ;3

Akjsdflsj. How pretty is she? She's like a china doll with perfect ebony hair, pale skin and pink cheeks :3

Inside joke teehee~


Anonymous said...

HAHA @ the start XD lmao the picture still looks soo professional even though you had flies in your face (Y) oh and yuuuuuuummy did you guise have a recipe book? :D

sarah is really pretty too~

Sarah said...

That photo was just before all the flies flew into my face omg TT. We found the recipe online and thank you ♥

Anonymous said...

Wow, she's really pretty :D What lens is she wearing can you please ask her?

Sarah said...

Yes she is! and she says she thinks it's called mbk-5 or something ._."