December 29, 2010

Looking back

Did you guys notice that there's actually a title on this post? LOL. So as you guys can see I finally changed my blog layout. As always though, something about it makes me tilt my head so it's probably gonna get changed again soon. I have a feeling that it's the post column being too thin in comparison to the side bar. Suggestions and feedback welcome~

Though this is a day early, I'm gonna reflect on 2010 like a typical teenage blog. However, because I have trouble stringing all my ideas into proper sentences, I'll just pull out a bunch of random photos and type about them~

LOL not much to say about this photo. It was from the recent sleepover with Adrii and Sandra.

This photo was from the Ghost World exhibition at GOMA. This year, GOMA has really played a huge part in my inspiration I love how art there is so contemporary and interactive. It reminds me how art doesn't just have to be traditional paintings or drawings.

Alice's birthday party! The tree was so hilarious. Everyone spent ages chucking streamers into the tree only to leave it later because the wind was blowing branches and leaves everywhere.

Part of my Valentines day gift to Khang! I decorated a photo album and filled it with 60 photos that each had a note/memory/drawing on the back of it.


I met my favourite little baby Brian this year :3

I remember gasping for air when I saw this. A bunch of the business students from my school went to an event and UQ and somehow they screwed up Adrii's name tag. Hence she is now known as Adrian Trab in our group.

I just wanted to include this picture because I found it hilarious

And finally, the wire names I made for the beautiful people who wanted one :) I felt really happy making these, knowing that it'd make someone smile. They should've all arrived by now!

Hmm, so there's my little recap for the year. Overall it was really nice although it flew by so quickly. I hope everyone has a fabulous new year and good luck to all the people heading out to Southbank tomorrow to countdown ♥ Thanks for reading!


denise kim said...

your photos (Y) nah it's okay, since you didn't submit it on :)

Pee' Tee said...

Aw you're so pretty! Your new layout looks nice too. Happy new year btw!

Sarah said...

Thank you and okay :3

@Pee' Tee
Thank you and right back at ya ;D