December 4, 2010

Contact lens review for Tear Blue!
These were purchased from As you could guess by the name, these lenses are designed to make your eyes appear as though they are teary or in other words, really shiny. These lenses do add a great shine to your eyes, especially with the three separate 'tears' which add highlights. Here's the advertised picture:

This ad is probably one of the few which is actually really accurate in terms of colour and size repesentation.

I think it was Justine that mentioned these lenses look like tires LOL. This series actually has a really soft look, the borders and colours are really light and don't create any harsh lines so it looks really natural. The downside to this though is that the colours don't come up very well on dark eyes.

Comparison no flash (my eyes are really uneven today sorry)

Natural white light

Flash. You can see through the border of the lens here since it's so light.

Side view no flash

Design: 6/10 - Already talked about most of the design already :) Really natural and soft if that's what you're going for
Size: 4/10 - They're only 14.00mm lens but even so they look tiny compared to the my Ashwing lenses; they still give some minor enlargement though.
Colour: 5/10 - The blue is so dull.. All of the blue lenses I've tried apart from Nudy blue are so disappointing :(


Anonymous said...

it looks so much more shiny and noticeable in the advertised pic D:

Sarah said...

Probably because they used professional lighting or something LOL ):

Anonymous said...

Sarah you should try Adult Blue, it's natural and not too showy :)

Anonymous said...

Hai this is unrelated 2 the contacts but have u gotten highlights/streaks/foils in ur hair or dyed it cuz it looks like u have in some photos? :)

Sarah said...

@Anonymous 9:00 PM
Thanks for the suggestion! :)

@Anonymous 6:43 PM
I got a blonde streak about a year ago and dyed over it when I started getting regrowth. The dye faded and left me with a variation of orange/light brown --"

Anonymous said...

Is your hair dead or is it just because it's blured? Because it looks.. Dead, dead. LOL, but otherwise you're really pretty :)

Sarah said...

The top is healthy but the ends are dead x]

Anonymous said...

those contacts dont even look like youre wearing contatcs.