December 17, 2010

Hihi. This morning Adrii came over to my house at 12 while I was still sleeping. She just ignored me and stayed on her laptop until I had the will to get out of bed LOL. She also decided to be a lovely girl and get me the maxi dress that I had my eye on for a while as an early Christmas present :) Actually no, she decided to piss me off first by making me believe that she got the dress for herself.

She wanted to practice her photography so we went up my street to take photos. I haven't actually walked up my hill in such a long time so it was pretty nostalgic :3 It's actually changed quite a bit from when I was 10 years old. At the top there's a big grassy area which is pretty much a dream come true for me since I've always wanted to take photos in an area like that teehee n_n Okay, here are some of the photos.

Check my Flickr account later tonight or tomorrow to see if I've uploaded anymore photos if you like.


Jess said...

My favourite is that fifth picture! :) Very pretty .

Sarah said...

Thank you!