December 28, 2010

Hihihi I'm back. The past four days at the coast with Melisa and her family were great apart from the fact that it rained everyday ._."

Day one: Christmas
Melisa and her parents picked me up at 1 or so and we went to Jupiters! The hotel was really nice and flashy :3 Everywhere I turned there was something shiny.

At the lobby checking in!

Welcome treats! Melisa and I saw these in one of the hotel restaurants later on and saw that just one of the strawberries cost $1.50. Everything is ridiculously expensive --" They sold a bottle of water for $8.00

We got bored and roamed Surfers Paradise for a while~


After Surfers we went back to the hotel and got ready for the seafood buffet. I'm not a big fan of seafood so I spent the night trying five or six different types of meat ._." The desserts there were amazing though! They had everything from creme brulee to adorable little mousse containers.

Day one's sleep was horribleeeeeeee TT Melisa's dad snores like no other. At three in the morning it was completely silent and then out of no where KABOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day two: boxing day
We went shopping at Pacific Fair which was just a few meters away from Jupiters. It was one of the most frustrating days of my life. The rain made everyone walk undercover so it was really goddamn crowded. I didn't even end up finding any satisfying bargains.

In the end I bought my semi dress for June (shut up I know it's ages away but I'm paranoid about someone having the same dress as me TT), Adrii's Christmas present and some stuff from typo.

Day three
The rain on this day was the worst. Melisa and I went to Surfers Paradise alone in heavy rain carrying around a massive umbrella. We ate breakfast at a Korean restaurant and the waitress wanted to make sure that I knew I was ordering something off the kids menu LOL

Isn't it cute? :D

After that we went to Infinity. I was actually pretty excited because I thought I'd be amazed and feel high all through out it. Some of it was actually really creepy~ One section of it was really dark and had heaps of wierd sticky things hanging from the ceiling which made both of us scream so much we ran to catch up to the strangers in front of us so we felt safe ._.

When we came out it was raining really heavily so we just chilled in Starbucks until we went home. Staying in there makes me feel like a celebrity~

Yay! After when we got back to the hotel, we saw brief moment of sunlight. To celebrate we went down to the hotel pool. Ok, I'm going to stop typing here. Take care everyone ♥

ps/ wowowow 2011 is almost here.


Anonymous said...

yummy food! but what's inside infinity? O_O and did you pay for your stay at jupiters?

Anonymous said...

i love the way your pictures turn out! :)

can you tell me what camera you use ???

Sarah said...

Her parents covered everything so~ :) Infinity has a bunch of creepy shit and a bunch of stuff that makes you feel really high. There's heaps of mirrors and lights ;3

Canon EOS 1000d :)

:D said...

wow~ the strawberries look like the pictures from weheartit :3 so they really do exist.. *drools*

Anonymous said...

You look like Salina in the 13th picture :D

Sarah said...

@ :D
They were really niceeee <3


denise kim said...

HI :B I'm a fan of your blog, thanks for using my layout *chucks a spazz* :D

Sarah said...

Helloooooo <3