December 12, 2010

I should really start posting earlier LOL.

I went to Jessie's place for her sweet 16th birthday today. I was at her place for eight hours and it went by so quickly. I didn't know most of her friends so I kinda just chilled with a few of my family members + Khang for a while. The first three hours of the party consisted of:
  • Eating her Mum's delicious hot pot.
  • Tony trying to connect to the internet so he could play Maplestory.
  • Playing this dinosaur game on ps2 and swearing at each other.
  • Cutting the cookie cake.
  • Kevin seducing Khang every two minutes to prove to me that they had some sort of chemistry.
After that, the next five hours consisted of:
  • Dota and Maplestory.
  • Myself hogging the ps2 to play Guitar Hero.
  • Rowing a boat with Jenny.

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