September 23, 2014

EUS Winter Wonderland Engineering Ball

Hello!! Here's a post I hope most of you are excited to see. If you've been following me on my Instagram and are friends with me on Facebook then you would have seen that I recently attended the EUS Winter Wonderland Engineering ball. To be completely honest the ball was no where worth the price of the ticket (almost $140 including the transaction fees) which was pretty disappointing. The food was 1/10, the DJ pretty much shouldn't have even bothered showing up, and there were no spirits. I know the last part is a bit of a 'so?' complaint but with the price of the ticket and the apparent announcement that spirits would be served later that night, it was just a huge overall let down because it felt like the value of the ticket hadn't even scraped. A group of 6/7 of us got back to our apartment later that night and splurged on $35 worth of Hungry Jacks before proceeding to have our best meal of the night... awks. 

Bare faced with Papa Truong before he dropped me off at the city to get ready.  

 Waited for Alice to get her nails done by some nice Vietnamese ladies :)

 Fresh coats of gel colour!

Got my makeup done by MAC for the first time. The service cost $95 and I had to prepay over the phone when I booked my appointment which I thought was pretty weird. Originally I requested a cut crease look but then the look ended up coming out like this. I didn't really mind how I looked but I was just a bit meh because it definitely wasn't what I asked for. Luckily my MUA was super patient and nice so he really did try his best to keep me happy. 

Products I redeemed with the $95. I also got a pair of $18 lashes so I had to pay an extra $6 on top of the original price for the service. Love these products though! 

 Rolled around in the apartment for about three hours before everybody arrived. 

Can we just take a moment? *fans self*  

 Alice lookin' like a fine as little import model HAHAHA. 

We finally got out of the apartment around 6pm and took an Uber to the Royal International Convention Centre. For those of you who don't know what Uber is, GET ON THAT ISH! They're like a taxi service but about 30% cheaper. The drivers are A+ friendly and you can get bomb promotional codes for first time users. 

Pre-drinks with Mel!  

 Head crown princesses with Gracie. 

Outfit details; dress from St. Frock, hair chain and bracelets from ASOS. Jenny gave me the clutch last minute to borrow from her friend (thanks Monica!).  

 No idea what happened here.... HAHA.

 With my gooorgeous best friend. 

 Sandra and Grace!

 EUS randomly provided a fireworks display. It was the most aaawkward thing when it started off. One firework popped every five seconds and it was just... very slow. 


 Da swag of all swags. 

The interior was gorgeously decorated but poor lighting means that all my photos had a serious blue hue to them. 

The menu which included cheap champagnes and whatever wines. Lemon lime and bitters all the way. 

 Salmon entree- the salmon itself was good but the sauce on top was way too funky for me to enjoy. 

Jason's lamb main - Jason likes his meat rare so it was no surprise that he barely got a quarter of the way through this since it was well done. 

My chicken main - super dry, ended up eating the potato stack next to it with the sauce on Jason's dish instead. 

 Probably the most acceptable dish of the night (even though Sandra hated the pear) - cheesecake was decent and the ice cream was sweet! 

My chocolate mousse dessert - that passion fruit was SO sour it ruined everything else on the plate.

 Aileen and Eileen (totally coincidental hehe).

 Simon and his gorgeous ASOS suit ordered by yours truly.

 We found the photo booth! 

 Francis, Varady and the many other people in the back :P 

Gorgeous Calabrese sisters.  

 Girls from table 45! Fabulously colour coordinated ourselves here incase y'all didn't notice :) 

I'm incredibly sorry if this post was kind of whiny for some of you but it's just my honest opinion on the night. I've heard fantastic things about EUS balls prior to this year so perhaps next year it'll be more enjoyable. If some of you guys remember last year's UQ business ball, I'd say that I definitely had more of a fun night there considering the ticket was cheaper too. Click here for the link to that post if you'd like a reminder! Nonetheless I'd say that the best thing about the ball is that I got to see so many people. We had two other tables full of close friends as well as a few others with people who we didn't even know were coming from high school *warm and fuzzy feelings*. I've got the QUT engineering ball coming up next Sunday so until then I hope you all have a fantastic evening and are looking forward to the university midsem break :) x, s. 

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