September 8, 2014

Photo & caption update XLVI : AUG II

The churros at San Churro got way skinnier and look like the Melbourne ones now :( I've reached the end of an absolutely fantastic weekend and I couldn't be more satisfied with everything right now. I've been tagged to do a 20 facts about me on Instagram by Cindy, Sarah and Eileen but my feed is being clogged up by a bunch of hashtags for #thehundredproject so I thought that I'd post them up on here instead. Also, completely irrelevant but Jason and I went to eat yum cha together as a couple for the first time ever (I actually haven't been in general in at least a couple of years) and I HAD NO IDEA HOW MUCH I MISSED IT. They had a menu item which was like coffee bread/papparoti but instead of having butter on the inside, it was filled with BBQ pork *wipes saliva*. Anyway, here's the second part of my August recap and my 20 facts: 

1. I have easily convinced at least four people that I'm half Russian.

2. I really - and I mean reaaaally, love processed foods. I constantly crave things like spam, seafood sticks and corned beef. To be honest I prefer the taste of Home Brand microwavable lasagna more than the legit home made ones you can pay for at a restaurant.

3. I get Alice to proof read most of my blog posts straight after I post them. If I don't she usually finds a mistake and let's me know the next day. Jason sucks at it.

4. Once when I was in pre-school I stapled my own finger and didn't even cry about it. I just casually walked up to my teacher with blood running down my arm while her face was like 0.0

5. I got the Dux award at my primary school HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man. I was also the vice captain.

6. Once when I was little I got one of those old school Conair braid things tangled in my hair. I was scared that my mum was going to yell at me so I cut off the chunk of hair that was stuck and hoped that she wouldn't notice. I lasted about 10 minutes before she found the bunches of hair in the bin.

7. When I was in Korea with Alice and Sandra, we were 3 minutes away from missing our flight back to Brisbane because we were busy enjoying Lotteria fried chicken.

8. I regularly check my spam/junk email tabs.

9. I can't handle any type of spicy food. Peri peri salt from Nandos and general pepper is the most I can tolerate.

10. I've never eaten a whole banana before.

11. I don't like red bean or green tea *don't hit me plz*

12. I used to play the clarinet and quit in grade 8 because of the musical instructor in high school.

13. I got to district athletics for sprints in grade 7 and didn't place in my heat because this girl threw her arm out in front of me #bitter.

14. I cried on the first day of high school because I didn't make any friends :(

15. (Sorry for all the food facts oops). I used to be such a picky eater when I was young that when I went to yum cha with my parents I'd eat rice and soy sauce.

16. Last year, I spent an entire day in bed watching a whole season of The Winx Club on my iPhone.

17. I've never broken a bone in my life but I have a permanent scar on my right hand from running into broken glass when I was younger.

18. I dropped commerce this year because I had multiple breakdowns over accounting during first semester.

19. I use a total of three different eyeliners when I do my makeup. I use a crayon from 3CE to tight line, Maybelline Masterliner to line above my lashes and then a Stila liner to draw the cat eye.

20. Adrii came up with srhtrng one day when she threw 'srh' onto her personal message #msndays.

Chucking all my clothes and accessories onto Jason when I go to the bath room. 
Catch ups with Alice and Caro at Sukachi. 
Qualitea time at The Tea Centre! One of my absolute favourite places. 
Picked up some breakfast for Jason. 
Brunch at Tazza Coffee with the Tran siblings. 
I LOVE grocery shopping with Jason. For those of you who don't know, he works at Coles and packs online orders. This means that he knows where errythang is and makes getting groceries a billion times more efficient. 
Jason's first s2000 car meet!
Jason asked for a soft serve in a cup from Hungry Jacks...
My favourite butterscotch muffins. A++ when you chuck them into the microwave for 10 seconds.

Aileen took Adrii and I to Campos Coffee.
My smoked salmon, Aileen's grilled fish and Adrii's eggs benedict. If you like smoked salmon then you MUST try this plate out! 
Dinner at Hog's Breath with Jason and Adrienne. 
Cute crazy cat lady displays at Typo.
Peanut butter honey bread from Passion Tree. 
 View from the 42nd floor.

Oh man, I get so hungry every time after I prepare a post for y'all. Two more midsems to go and then I'll be free! I haven't got any plans for the midsem break since it'll most likely be spent catching up on university work but my anniversary with Jason is coming up in about a month. Hopefully we'll be able to go on a little getaway for the weekend - how did three years fly by so quickly!? Hope you're all rugged up tonight x, s. 

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