September 17, 2014

Photo & caption update XLVII : AUG III

I. AM. SO. TIRED. I have no idea what happened to my body today but I swear I turned into a zombie straight after my 8am shift. *rolls all over bed* Anyway, here is the final part of my August Photo and Caption update! It's probably not the best idea to edit food photos so late at night while there's nothing to eat in your fridge but I've got nothing else to do so why not?

Brunch with the Tran siblings at Tazza Coffee. We got the dome, pump bruschetta and salted caramel pancakes!

This has never happened before... 

Adriano Zumbo macarons from Mel! 

Schnitzel night at Runcorn Tavern.

Buy one get one free gelato!

Typical lunches at uni.. 

Kadoya dates with Jason.

I love New Shanghai :') 

Flourless cake and hot chocolate from Bonsai Botanika. How adorable is their presentation?

Yeah he does. 


Bonfires to celebrate Adrian's birthday. 

I'M NUMBER ONE! Then deleted the game because it was starting to become a problem.


Au Cirque with Adrii.

Dressing mannequins at 4th Element.

BAM, August all done! Sorry for such a quick little post but hopefully you like some of this fresh content :) I'm going to get some well deserved rest so hope all of you are feeling fantastic and happy! All my love, s. 

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