September 3, 2014

Photo & caption update XLV : AUG I

Hello hello hello. I haven't posted a photo and caption update in an entireeee month (WOOHOO!) and as a result I've ended up with about 100 photos to share with you guys. Just for the sake of saving me time during mid-semester exam period, I've divided them into three sets of special edition posts to catch you up on all the stuff I've eaten, what I've bought, what I've done and where I've gone over the last month. 

Picked up the Bobbi Brown CC Cream from Mecca and got a bunch of really sweet samples (dat Nars blush doe). I absolutely love the consistency of the CC cream but stopped using it because I realised that the shade I got was waaay too orange... So much money down the drain :(
Brunch at Pablo with Mel. She got some waffles and I got the Winter mince with poached eggs. A+ customer service and their menu had everything I could have ever wanted along with some super healthy juices.
Froyo break at Passion Tree. 
With Aileen celebrating Steph's 19th birthday at Wagaya. 
My favourite cheese burger everrr. 
Celebratory cider for my birthday before going out with some of the Supre girls. They took me to Fridays and as much as I wanted to enjoy the night I had sooo much trouble. The DJ was the worst I've ever heard and yeah, no. Definitely not my jam :( 
Jason got excited because he found a park next to an 86 HAHA. 
Catching up with frans at the Coffee Club. 
Buying flowers with Dwee for Alice's 19th away at the coast. 
While Jason refilled the car! 
Finally got to try out the famous Charis Seafood! Apparently I was the only one who loved the seafood sticks but hey, I ended up getting three of them from other people even though I only paid for one so I'm not complaining. 

Grace got me a late birthday present from Mimco! Thank you boo. 
Dinner at George's Paragon for Alice. 
Birthday girl! 

Phew! Part I done and dusted. I hope all of you have been enjoying the first few days of Spring. I've got so many things to look forward to already. The UQ EUS ball is coming up in 17 days, the QUT engineering ball during the midsem break and a heap of birthdays to celebrate! Cannot wait x, s. 

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