October 1, 2014

2014 QUT Engineering Ball + Ikea

Hello hello! I went to the 2014 QUT Engineering ball last Sunday and honestly had such a fantastic night. I originally went in with really low expectations just because after attending the UQ ball, I wasn't keen on going to a ball where the ticket was about $50 tickets cheaper. OOOH MAN, was I surprised. Jason and I got ready and turned up at the Landing at Dockside right on time. We were handed a small pocket on arrival which included an arm band a token to be used on some casino tables inside the venue (theme of the ball was Monte Carlo, so cute right!?). There were three bars set up inside the building as well as another two table bars set up outside. They served all the usual drinks plus three beers on tap, Moscato and another white wine. Also before we continue I'd like to point out that the HQ photos in this post are from the photographer at the ball! 

View of the city from 39 floors up! Absolutely incredible. 

Did my makeup while Jason napped.  

 A lot of people had mixed opinions about the food but Jason and I really liked the majority of it. This is one of the plates of tapas they served! They also had rice paper rolls, mini shepherds pie, tempura prawns, cheesy potato balls and pork belly. 

 Back of the venue which linked up to the boardwalk along the Brisbane River. 


 Showing some ASOS love at the ball!

Aaaand of course we ended the night as we always do! 

This post was looking a bit short so I decided to include what happened the day after as well. Jason and I met up with a bunch of friends and we FINALLY went to Ikea. I actually almost lost my phone somewhere along the way but thank goodness some kind stranger handed it into lost property. 

 Started the day off with meatballs - a little bit disappointed by the choice of desserts available though :( 
 Got some 500 Days of Summer ish going on here. 

 Walked into the kids section and saw this... 

Isn't Adrii pleasant? 

All wrapped up and done :) Hope all of you have been enjoying the semester break. My bed and I have pretty much become one being at this point and I really wouldn't have it any other way. x, s. 

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