September 6, 2013

Photo & caption update XXIV

I remember the moment where somebody told me that GHD stood for good hair day *mind blown*

I'm having one of those weeks where literally everything has been absolutely perfect. I've been able to manage a balance of everything in my life and for the first time this year, I've actually been looking forward to waking up in the morning! I'll enjoy this short period while it lasts before I freak out again because of the three pieces of assessment I've got due next week eep. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention - I hope you guys all noticed (and like) the new blog background. New season new colour palette right? I think it's quite a nice pick me up from that dreary little umbrella. 

Before and after.

Happy Father's Day to the best papa ever. 

Gigantic jenga in the city. I almost lost my mind watching people play because CAN YOU SEE WHAT BLOCK THIS LADY IS TRYING TO PULL OUT???? She ended up picking a middle block and getting a prize but then the guy straight after her went for the exact same block and made the tower fall over - WHY!?

Can anyone tell me what these gigantic pink bunnies are for? I've seen one at UQ as well and they're adorable!

Flowers from a little stall at my university.

Tried a brownie from Noosa Chocolate Factory. It was nice but definitely not worth $4 unfortunately.

My little baby.

Spam and egg from mum | The sign Adrii's next to says 'no eating or drinking'

Amazing interior at Bonsai Botanika. 

Brunch with Alice at Sukachi. Sweet chilli sushi and teriyaki crunch with chips.

What happens when Alice and I shop online.

Finally got to bake after two of my exams!

I originally announced that I'd be wearing this stunning gown (borrowed from the equally stunning Sophia) to the upcoming business ball but unfortunately the upper portion of the dress is just a tad too big so Aileen will be showcasing it instead!! I'll be wearing another yellow Sheike peplum dress instead :)

I was lucky enough to receive an interview for the new Topshop Topman store! David and I will be heading to the group interview together on Tuesday so I'll let you guys know what it was like!

More lights at South Bank.

Churros for one with white chocolate ice cream and strawberry shake.

I hope you guys have an absolutely fantastic weekend. I'm so excited for the Taiwan festival tomorrow night!! I've only ever been to Tet and apparently the Taiwan festival is maaaaaassive compared to it. xo, s.

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