August 31, 2013

Photo & caption update XXIII

Hi lovelies! I'm currently lying in bed on a Kitchen Nightmares marathon and I thought that I should post something just because I've been whispering all day because of my throat and I wanna be heard!!!!

I managed to get through two of my mid-semester exams today and within the span of about five hours, I somehow put together a personal project which I want to get up and running by the end of the year. I don't want to tell too many people yet because I'm afraid that it won't turn out the way I want it to so, I'll keep you guys updated as I start making actual significant progress in it! In the mean time though, I hope what I post on here is good enough to keep you guys happy :)

Finally got Bobbi's cage and toys all sorted out! 

Getting into the weekly routine of buying my mum flowers.

Lunch special at Beach House with gravy; rib fillet and chicken bacon burger from Red Room.

Pancake Manor before and after..... 

Family photos at Tony's 18th birthday.

My forever and ever.

I hope you guys had a lovely week and that you all enjoy your Sunday. I can't believe that it's Spring tomorrow! I can finally ditch my fluffs which I've been attached to for the last gazillion weeks. xo, s. 

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