September 28, 2013

UQBA: A red carpet affair

Hello hello hello! I know that this sounds like another excuse for me to be lazy with my blog but my laptop has been taken away to be (hopefully) fixed. I was carrying milk tea in my bag and as I was walking down some stairs at uni, the plastic somehow split at the bottom and spilled into my laptop. I'm pretty sure it's just the display that's broken but the technician hasn't called back yet so I have no clue whether anything is recoverable asdhoiahsdoa. Until then, Jason was kind enough to lend me one so that I wouldn't die of boredom late at night but it's just a bit slower and not as blogger friendly sadly! 

Anyway moving onto what we're actually all here for, here is my business ball blog post! I've been excited for this event since I bought my tickets and I was definitely not disappointed. The pre was stressful but then as soon as we were all together and at the venue nothing before that mattered. I pretty much had a chance to redo everything that I didn't like at my high school formal to recreate the perfect night for myself. I really hope I can convince my friends to go again next year :) OKAY, enough with the chit chat. Here's a stack of photos for you lovely people. 

I know I said I was originally going to wear Sophia's gorgeous red Sheike dress but unfortunately I realised that I didn't have the bust to hold it up! Aileen ended up wearing that instead and I wore this equally amazing peplum gown (also from Sheike) that one of my old co-workers was kind enough to lend me.

This is what Adrii does at every semi-formal/formal event if she's not attending.

Girls from table 44!

Entree and main! 

Ending the night with dessert!

I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend. I'm heading off to the Rocklea markets with Jason tomorrow for the first time ever so I'm hoping to run into some good food and a bunch of pretty flowers. Much love, s. 

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