September 18, 2013

Photo & caption update XXV

Chanel lipstick for Caroline's 18th.

Hi lovelies! I thought that I should start with the Topshop casting call I mentioned in my last post. The response was so overwhelming and I swear, I'd never seen so many tall, skinny, and good looking girls in one spot before. David and I arrived early to the gorgeous location before anybody from our time got there and did our interviews accordingly. I have no idea how I screwed up so badly but basically, the moment I stepped behind the curtain my nerves got the better of me and I pretty much forgot how to speak HAHA. Obviously I got rejected but nonetheless I've still got a good job with me so I wasn't too upset anyway.

Casting call location!

Brisbane Arcade.

Spring is here and so are my new sunglasses! They're from Urban Outfitters. 

With Phong before Jun's party. 

Phong putting weeds into Jun's mail box for making us wait an hour.

Weekly flowers for mama. 

Love/hate relationship for cleaning make up brushes.

Dinner at Maru for Caroline's 18th.

David's attempt at a cat and one of Caroline's birthday cards.

Alice is ranga!!!

Happy 18th boo! Pretty young thaaaang.


Incredibly bland brownies (don't judge a book by it's cover).

Love my maccas and a disappointing breakfast at Wordies with Alice.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!! Will post again soon hopefully :) x, s.

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