August 16, 2013

Alice's pre-birthday dinner

Hello lovelies! 

Sorry for the incredibly late post but I'll be busy from here onwards for the next couple of days so I thought that it'd be better to put it up now than even later :) We took the exact same path as I did for my own pre-birthday dinner and had some mains at Bistro One Eleven before heading over to Alchemy for dessert. I'm so upset because the steak was no where near as good as the first time I had it (probably because they had to make six in at a time) but luckily the grilled quail was still jaw dropping. 

First guests at the bistro!

200g wagyu steak bavette steak, smoked paprika butter and fried & grilled quail, potato gnocchi, sauteed mushrooms and peas.

Over to Alchemy!

My incredibly beautiful lady 

Special raspberry panna cotta with white chocolate ice cream & baked tim tam and mixed berry cheesecake with raspberry ice cream (love love loved the second one) 

Alice and Adrii trying out the gastronomic nibbles. They both ended up with numb tongues for the rest of the dinner...

Soon to be birthday girl!!

She's so small, dawwwwws. 

I hope all of you are well and tgif! xo, s. 

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