August 22, 2013

Alice's 18th

I was going to make this a photo and caption update (okay, it pretty much is) but I didn't have photos from anything other than Alice's birthday. I'll be honest, I spent most of the night reapplying my lipstick and kissing all of the girls' cheeks but all in all it was such a memorable party. I'm ever so lucky to be in the company of such happy people!

Caroline and the birthday girl!! Covered her face at her request.

With Nina! Flower crown from Lovisa, top from Sabo Skirt pop up shop, disco pants from Supre (Alice said they feel exactly the same as her Topshop ones!), clogs from Dotti.

Standard 18th celebrations.

I hope everybody has had a lovely week so far! Before I leave I'd like to apologise for the crappy quality of my blog posts recently. I promise I'll get back to it sooner or later when I've go a bit more time to play around with. For now though, I wish everybody luck in their upcoming assessment. Much love, s. 

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