March 6, 2013

Photo & caption update X

Hi lovelies! Sorry I haven't posted in a while but uni and work are eating up 6/7 days of my week. Speaking of uni, I've officially finished my second week and what can I say? Nothing's been very surprising to be honest. Alice and I are slowly tearing out our hair over economics but the rest of my subjects are amazing in terms of content! My marketing even lecturer started today's talk by waving a plastic sword around.

Aaaanyway, here's my poor apology in the form of a blog post!

What's been in my bag for the first two weeks of uni

Jason and I had an argument about whether Reject Store chocolate was gross or not so I bought this to end the argument

Vegetarian lasagna (it tasted a lot better than it looked) and my first ever chai latte. Definitely not a fan of cinnamon in any shape or form...

Fun times with Nina and lipstick at Burger Urge

Noticed these in my first lecture

I liked his shirt | What Jason does in book stores

Adrii finally let me dye her hair! A fabulous comparison of what Prettia milk tea bubble dye can do to virgin black hair. It's going to get even lighter in about a weeks time. I'm surprised there was even enough product when looking at the length of her hair. 

Lunch with Lingling at Maru. How big are her eyes!?

Skirt from Valleygirl, skinny belt and cropped t shirt from Supre.

Chiffon top from Dotti, skinny belt from Supre, studded shorts from Taiwan night market.

Top from, studded bag from Taiwan, skirt from Supre, boots from Famous Footwear, wrist candy from Fossil &Sportsgirl.

Top from Dotti, belt from Taiwan, skirt from Supre.

I decided to go back to bangs for the cooler season! I'm hoping that all the wind doesn't drive me insane.

That's all for tonight! I hope all of you are having a great weather and that the bipolar Brisbane weather isn't ruining anybody's day.

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