March 14, 2013

Photo & caption update XII

Hi guys! I'm sorry that it's taken so long for me to move to something that's a bit more convenient but better late than never, right? I found out a while ago that formspring changed so that you have to have an account even if you want to ask anonymous questions. The new site is almost identical to formspring but you don't need an account to use it! You can find the new gadget in my sidebar under my Twitter feed :)Alternatively you can just click on the notice above and it'll redirect you.

Chicken parmigiana at Darwins.

Nachos at the cafe next to Coop bookshop.

Salina and this adorable beanie from Dotti!! Can't wait for the colder temperatures to kick in.

Finally got to try popping pearls at Noggi.

The laptop sticker I ordered from Etsy finally arrived! I have to admit that I feel a bit silly that it's not on a Macbook..

Sweet potato chips from Burger Urge and our rubbish boat.

I love juice!!!

Brunch from Gramercy Espresso & Eats with Alice.

Hope all of you guys are well and will post again soon! xo, s.

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