March 22, 2013

Intel Ultrabook Convertible: Part II

Hi lovelies. About a week as gone by now since my last post about the Ultrabook Convertible and I thought that I should let you guys know what I ended up thinking about it in case any of you were interested. I've now gone back to my usual laptop and I really do have to admit that the Ultrabook Convertible made my life just that much easier. Being a tablet and laptop in one, it had so many advantages that aren't possible with an ordinary laptop!

If you guys read my last post on the Ultrabook, you would know that I love nothing more than convenience and efficiency with a product. The thing that I love most about the Intel Ultrabook Convertible series is that they fit exactly into that description. With Intel processors having incredibly fast operating speeds on top of their revolutionary anytime change from laptop to tablet design, there's not really much else you could ask in a product.

Since changing from a desktop to a laptop, one of the huge disadvantages I've noticed as a blogger is that it's a lot harder to edit photos because of having a touch pad instead of a mouse. This makes selecting parts of photos a much more tedious job than it should be meaning that I spend more of my time on things that I don't need to. This is where the touch functionality comes in handy, I can easily work the image over the ENTIRE screen!! Compare this to the tiny space available with a touch pad on a standard laptop and just think about how much easier it'd be.

Flipping between the tablet and laptop mode mainly came in handy where I was just wanting to read other people's blogs or articles. That's not the only thing that the tablet comes in handy for though! Everything from propping it up for some movie marathons to using the webcam as your own personal photo booth. It's such a shame that I wasn't able to play around with it for a little bit longer :-(

Here are some other little facts about the Ultrabook that I thought you guys should know along with some more photos to finish off today's post!

♥ Being ultra-light and so thin that it'll slip into your bag as easily as an A4 notepad makes them perfect for a busy uni student that doesn't want to carry more than one bag ♥

♥ They wake up in only seven seconds which makes sure you won't miss out on any more notes than you have to if you're running late for a class ♥

♥ They update your apps in sleep mode so you don't have to worry about it while you're working ♥

♥ Enough battery life to get you through three movies!!! Such a tempting procrastination tool ♥

♥ They’re powerful enough to get all the tough stuff done ♥

♥ They transfer files extra-fast so that it doesn't keep you waiting ♥

♥ With anti-theft technology, they’ll keep all your important documents safe and sound ♥

♥ They deliver the best Windows 8 experience ♥

I hope that all of you are well and that you have a great week. xo, s.