March 10, 2013

Photo & caption update XI

Hi lovelies! As you can probably tell, this post is going to be mainly about Jason's 18th! For those of you wondering, I got him a GoPro HD HERO2 along with a wi-fi BacPac and remote. He held a small party in an apartment with some seniors of 2012 kids and as per usual we entertained ourselves through violent games of Uno and adrenaline filled games of Jenga. Oh, and I don't know how this happened but it's slowly becoming a party tradition for losers of a game to eat a disgusting flavoured jelly bean. I had a centipede flavoured one and couldn't get the taste out of my mouth with ANYTHING for a good ten minutes :(

Everybody needs a bit of Adrii in their life! Lunch at Wara Wara before going to the apartment.

Gorgeous view from the 15th floor.

Jason's oreo birthday cake made by masterchef Srh. Okay, no. In all seriousness, no one died or got food poisoning so I'm relieved that this actually turned out okay and got some good feedback from the other guests *relief*

Here are a couple extra photos from the week for you guys before I end the post!

I got a glittery full body sticker for my beloved iPhone.

Had this amazing breakfast with Melisa before uni. The nachos were about $13 and could've easily fed three/four people *stomach growls*

More meals at Maru! (Clever alliteration?)

Had dinner with some Supre girls tonight. Blazer from Supre, cropped t-shirt from Supre, skinny belt from Dotti, navy floral skirt from Boohoo.

The amazing people at Nuffnang sent me an Ultrabook to try out for a week. I'll be uploading two posts in the near future about it!!

I hope you guys have been having a great weekend so far. Take care! xo, s.

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