February 12, 2013

Photo & caption update VIII

Welcome to the first photo and caption update of 2013! Here's to another year of me not knowing how to properly manage my time and having to do these posts because I feel bad for not putting anything up. The photos from today's post are from a couple of days out as well as dinner at Jason's sister's house for CNY. With that being said, I hope all of you got heaps of red pockets and had a great time with your families and friends if you celebrated it.

Lawn chairs at South Bank are always a favourite.

Jason got a gorgeous new watch while he was overseas!

We found a Chocolate Pavilion that recently opened at South Bank YESSS. I have this insane sweet tooth that only their desserts can satisfy with all of their dark chocolate *heart melts*

Chocolate Pavilion's Strawberry Volcano. 

Went to GOMA with Melissa, Jason, Billy and Simon and spent a good hour in the photo booth.

So many dogs in the same house! They kept putting their faces on my knees while I was eating aw. 


Hope all of you have a great week! Will post again soon. x, s.

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