February 4, 2013

Liese/Prettia Bubble hair dye: jewel peach

It's been a while since I last did a review on something so here we go! If you're a friend who knows me well, you will know that I've been addicted to bubble dyes ever since I got my first box. I refuse to use creams anymore simply because they are too difficult to apply on your own! Prettia/Liese is one of my favourite bubble dyes because no matter how long or thick my hair grows, there is always more than enough (and it actually works, of course). Below is a video of how the dye works.

After looking at my last review of a Liese bubble dye, I realised that it could've been a lot better so hopefully this is more helpful. Let's start with the box and its content!

I had no idea how to take an accurate photo of the colour but this was as close as I could get. 

Conditioner treatment (I used all of it in one go), gloves and information on how to use the dye and allergy tests. 

Colouring tools! You empty bottle 1 into bottle 2 and after mixing them, you put the spout on and squeeze the bottle to get the bubbles.

Now if anybody else reading has tried to do a review of hair dyes, you would know that it's difficult to get before and after images with the exact same lighting for a fair comparison. With that being said, the before and after photos were taken at different times of the day.

After five years of being terrible to my hair through numerous hours of heat and chemical treatments, it has finally come back to me where the ends of my hair are beginning to lighten themselves because they are so brittle and dry (I think that's what it is). 

Regrowth after five-ish months of not dying my hair.

Now the after photos! Realistically, you couldn't see much of an actual colour difference. My hair did lighten slightly but I wouldn't say that it matched the color on the top of the box. The tinge of my hair did change as well to have a bit more red in it but you wouldn't have noticed it if you didn't know I dyed it.

This photo is probably the best representation of the colour. You can see how well the dye lightened my regrowth against what it did to my old hair!

As always, I'm very happy with the result of the bubble dye! I'd definitely recommend it if you're after something that's really easy to apply on your own that ensures an even coverage. It's also great if you like to do your own hair because you don't have to worry about any dripping. The only thing that continues to bother me is that the fumes are annoyingly strong but if you learn from my mistakes and dye your hair in a well ventilated area with all the windows and doors open, it shouldn't be much of a big problem. Hope you guys had a great start to your week! x, s.

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