February 10, 2013

Good looking, so refined

Hi lovlies! Brendon held a small party at his place yesterday as a starting uni celebration kind of thing and wow, I still cannot get over how amazing his house is. If you Google street view his address, the house that shows up is this tiny green one story house sooooo you can probably imagine my surprise when we rocked up to find this massive new white two story house. I forgot to take photos of the first floor but here are two photos of the top floor for you to be amazed. His parents installed speakers in the ceiling so Adrii and I had the best night just listening to Big Spender by Gentleman's Vibe on repeat. *scoops jaw off of floor*

We spent the night playing games of Uno, taking walks out to a park with no street lights and laughing at literally every little thing that happened. The only other notable thing that happened was that we all died of happiness because Dominos agreed to deliver us pizza at two in the morning. I couldn't stop laughing because after they told us that they'd be ready in 50 minutes, Aileen sat there for a solid three minutes trying to negotiate free drinks and garlic bread. Anyway, here are a bunch of photos for your viewing pleasure! 

Hope you guys have a great Sunday! x,s.

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