February 21, 2013

Photo & caption update IX

Where did all of my time go? It feels like I just uploaded a post yesterday and I still can't believe that three months of holiday are about to end. I'll be starting uni next Tuesday and although it's pretty damn scary, I guess I shouldn't even be complaining since I have Alice in literally all of my tutorials and lectures (how gross right?). Anyway, here's what's been happening for you guys:

I know that I'm arriving months late to the Zoo Keeper party but I wanted to upload this anyway.

Bunkertong chicken and corn cheese for dinner with Tony and Adrii.

Noggi for dessert.

Top from asia-fashion-wholesale.com, shorts from Portmans, shoes from Factorie, belt from Supre, gifted tote bag from Jason.

Studded bag from trip to Taiwan, top from trip to Korea, skirt from Supre.

Thrifted denim jacket from Suitcase Rummage.

My Valentine's Day gifts from the ever so lovely Adrii and Jason.

Massive card from Adrii nawww.

Finally tried McCafe's macarons and was so disappointed. Everyone else says they're quite nice so it might've just been the store I went to.

Not particularly appetising...

Little sushi train place I found while walking to West End.

I made a lantern thing | Mango frappe from Little Singapore

Okay seriously, I need help. Does anybody reading know any other places in the city that sell good curry puffs? I love them but I hate dining at the Little Singapore because their service is terrible

Picked up a $4 storage box for my makeup from The Reject Shop.

Hope you guys are having a great week! x, s.

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