December 28, 2012

Travel Diaries - Taiwan: Day 06

It's been a week since I arrived back in Brisbane which means that this post is long overdue. I'm very sorry but I have no idea what happened to me when I got home. Anyway! Here is my one and only post about my days in Taiwan with Alice and Sandra after leaving Korea. The reason that I haven't blogged about anything else is because all we did was shop!! The clothing is dirt cheap and the branded makeup is all American prices give or take a few dollars. On the last day in Taiwan, the lovely little Evelyn took me to Taipei Zoo and I absolutely LOVED it. Sorry in advance for the murkiness in today's photos!

View from the cable car that we took to the back of the zoo so that we didn't have to walk uphill

"Can you imagine what'd happen if one of them just tipped over onto it's side?" - Evelyn

Butterfly room!! (Sorry Alis)

Unsuccessful attempt #1


The flight back to Australia was so much more enjoyable because we all had a bit more space on the plane. I  unpacked as soon as I got home since I couldn't sleep and wow, I completely forgot how much I spent.

Anywaaaaay, I'm so excited for new years eve and new years day. It's not that I haven't enjoyed this year (it's actually been one of my favourites), but there's something so refreshing about celebrating a new start with the people you love most. I'll definitely be doing a post looking back on this year :') I hope all of you have been well and that you all had a merry Christmas!! Xoxo, S.

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