December 15, 2012

Travel Diaries - Korea: Day 19

I can't that I've already left Korea. I probably should've spent less time sleeping and more time outside but oh well. We met up with Brian again so that he could take us to a place that they kept calling "the light area". I just realised that I haven't been naming any actual locations in the posts because I don't know what ANY of them are called. Anyway, we started off our night by having dinner at this adorable little restaurant that mainly served pasta and katsudon dishes.

After dinner, we walked around the area and did our best to not freeze to death. It was a pretty tiny space but everything was put together so nicely that it took quite a while to get through everything.

Indoor nursery at the area!

A+ interior designing

I just wanted to let you know that I've arrived safely in Taiwan and have settled in at Alice's apartment. I'll be posting soon! Hope you're all well xoxo.

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SinYee said...

Snow!~~ I've never been to Korea before but the place looks amazing!!I hope you're enjoying yourself in Taiwan now! Happy Holidays! :)