December 5, 2012

Travel Diaries - Korea: Day 10

Good morning lovelies! It's currently 4:57am in Korea and Alice and I are once again, the only ones awake in the apartment. For day 10 of our trip, Sophia took us to 63 Building where all we did was eat a tonne of gelato (despite the fact that it was -3 degrees) and take photos of the view 60 floors up. That's literally all that we did today because we refused to get out of bed until 4pm so yeah, I'll just leave you all with some photos. Hopefully I'll have something a little more interesting to put up by the end of today.

Hope everybody in Brisbane is making the most of this beach weather and that everybody else is well xoxo.

Wishing wall!

The many faces of Jihae while she Kakaos her friends

Started some 2am reading while Alice and Sandra stole my laptop to watch a heap of SHINee videos

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