December 2, 2012

Travel Diaries - Korea: Day 08

Before I start today's post I'd like to say a special hello to Khang Pham's mum if she's reading. You're fabulous in every way and thank you for being here!!! Today we went to Hongdae to do a little bit of shopping and a heap of eating. We had lunch as this adorable place called Ann House and apart from the fact that people were allowed to smoke in there, the atmosphere and interior decorating was amazing.

To be honest all of the food I ate today was pretty disappointing. I can't tolerate any spicy food and the rice has a bit of pepper in it so I struggled to eat it and ended up leaving about half of the plate. The drink was bland and tasted like a 1:1 ratio of milk and tea with no sugar or sweetener. Apparently the other girls had nice dishes though so have a look at their blogs if you want another opinion from somebody who can eat foods properly.

After that we went down to the Trickeye Musuem to take a billion tourist photos. Here's a photo to explain what it is:

I'm pretty sleepy now so I think I might just leave you with the rest of the photos from today after we went to the Hello Kitty cafe and Snow Spoon. Hope you all enjoy you're weekend and I'll post soon xoxo. 

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Hanis Nizam said...

Illusion, i love those photos.