December 30, 2012


I had the nicest day with Jason's family yesterday. One of his sisters invited me to go along with them on a hiking trip to Springbrook and omfg, I had 10 years worth of exercise and almost died of exhaustion. Unfit 2k12. Nonetheless, it was worth the walk to see the waterfall!

Shirlyn's gorgeous dog, Charlie

After the waterfall we drove up a bit higher through the fog to see another lookout but when we got there...


Credits to Jason for a lot of the photos in today's post. I can't believe it'll be 2013 soon! Hopefully I have the energy to do a review of this year :) Hope all of you are well and incase I don't end up posting tomorrow, have a happy new year! Xoxo, S.

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Tharangni Sivaji said...

WOW! that spiderweb photo is beautiful! :D