September 13, 2012

Photo & caption update IV

Not sure if you guys can tell but I coloured my hair again. It's feeling pretty dry at the moment because I bleached it and dyed over it something like... maybe two hours after. I did such a bad job on the bleaching and ended up looking like a messed up tiger, woops. Oh well. Now it's kind of a lighter ash brown compared to my old colour.

I have great news! I've finally finished all of my assessment for the term so hopefully this will be the last photo and caption update for a while. Thank you again for all being so patient with me and I'll definitely be trying to revive this blog as well as my online blog shop (figuring out international shipping for readers out of Brisbane!!!) all of this week and next. I hope you've all done well for whatever assessments you've had so far and that you continue to do so if you haven't finished quite yet.

I'm so excited for these holidays because I'm pretty sure that I'll be going to a zoo and confirming the accommodation for my end of year trip with Alice, Sandra and Sophia. This break has been waiting for me too long (': 

Celebrating the end of exam block at Kadoya

The day before our Maths B block at four in the morning. I ended up leaving UQ at 6:00am, getting home at about 7:00am and sleeping for four hours before I had to take the exam. This is why you need good time management guys. 

Sunset vs. sunrise

I think I had about five orders of large chips and sweet chilli mayo last week.

New uniform for work. Adrienne saw me and couldn't stop laughing because the arm hole is so low that it comes down to about my hips.

Final submissions for my body of work!!!

New custom phone cases that were ordered from

Prettiest notes award goes to Sophia Kim for filling up a majority of the room with her biology

This is from that game where you fold the piece of paper and have a different person draw each part of the body without seeing what was before it.

50% off all Colette jewellery and afternoon snacks at Grill'd

Movenpick with Jason and Pancake Manor with Adrienne

♥ S.

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