September 26, 2012

Must have done something right

Black floppy hat from Dotti, necklace from Colette, Mink Pink denim crop from City Beach, skinny belt from Supre, tulle skirt from Ally, bag from Sportsgirl, combat boots from Famous Footwear.

Note: most of the photos from today were taken by Jason. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to tell which ones.

I decided that Jason needed to go take some more photos so we took a trip up to Mt. Coot-tha Botanical Gardens to hunt some birds and bugs. Oh, and I know that I've already posted this on Twitter but for those of you who haven't seen it yet I. SAW. FOUR. COCKATOOS. WJDOPAJDISHDIOSHIOD. I was so happy and that pretty much made my entire week. I've been in love with cockatoos in general ever since I saw the umbrella cockatoo in this video:

How adorable right!? Okay yeah anyway, the rest of the day was spent eating chicken and vegetable pies and attempting to feed a heap of different animals bread. Jason threw a small piece of bread towards the cockatoos and they got spooked and flew a couple of metres away :(

Watching my babies 


Jason and I flipped because we thought this was real for a second

Salina flowers

Sandra the duck

This lizard was absolutely fearless. It kept coming closer and closer to us as we ate and Jason eventually had to scare it away because I was worried it'd jump onto me asdhioasdhas

Hope all of you are well and gorgeous! xoxo.


Ice Pandora said...

Gorgeous pictures ^^
The two parrots are
absolutely CUTE!
Love your outfit c:


Fanny said...

like your style ^^