September 17, 2012

Stay up late

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Hi lovelies. I had the most unproductive weekend and I cannot even begin to explain how good it felt. I had brunch at The Crepe Cafe with the 2SAS girls before we went to go see The Watch. I'd definitely recommend it if you're craving some laughs just for the hell of it. After two hours of being cold in our seats and curling into balls to cover our eyes we went to Mado for dinner. The food was amaaazing but in comparison to Ahmets it was pretty disappointing. The portions were almost $10 more per plate and about half the size so er yeah... wouldn't plan eating there again unless I have at least $49 to spend on the banquet meals or something.

Adrienne and her new obsession with curling her hair

iPhone family

Dips for our turkish bread

Meat platters -drooling-

Cheese bread

Chocolate pudding for dessert

After dinner we walked around Southbank to see the Brisbane Festival and watch the light show. I couldn't really concentrate on it because I was standing half a metre away from a speaker and in the process of having my eardrums obliterated but nonetheless it was pretty to stare at from what I could make out. 

I think I might end the post here for tonight guys! Hope you're all well and that you have a lovely week ♥



Ice Pandora said...

Killing me softly with
foods! Very nice c:
You look great!


lchouw said...

great picture!!