August 23, 2012

Photo and caption update III

Hi dollies. Sorry (as always) for not posting an update last week. Nothing out of the usual has been happening lately except for the fact that MY FORMAL DRESS ARRIVED!!!! But yeah, other than that my days have been a routine of sleeping, eating and working. I honestly can't wait to graduate so that I can have a slightly more interesting life. Anyway, I won't hold up the photos any longer. Enjoy and I hope you're all having a great week ☺

For some ridiculous reason, my school insisted on using 70 minutes of the day to make the Olympic rings on the oval while the sun was burning everything.

I had sushi train for the first time in my life! | Casual after school lunches at Kadoya

The chandelier on my orthodontists' waiting room ceiling | Burger Urge with Nina and Adrii on Saturday

Super productive maths B lessons with Mel

My first dress from Lucy in the Sky ♥

Curled Adrii's hair for the first time in ages

New work uniform | Rugged up late night study sessions with Jihae

Ootd for Alice's 17th birthday bbq

Connie and Mel ☺☺☺

Love, S.

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