September 25, 2012

Do you like love?

I went to watch Bourne Legacy with Jun, KP and Adrienne before Linda's 17th birthday celebration. I'm not sure why but I actually quite liked Bourne Legacy despite all the bad reviews I heard prior to seeing it! The last quarter of it was spent oogling over Larx #3 because I thought he looked like a badass version of Paul Kim. So yeah, end review: story line wasn't great but it had good action value.

After the movie, Adrienne and I made our way to Bamboo Basket for dinner with everybody. The night was basically filled with karaoke, food and photos so here they are!

Sequin top (actually a dress) from Dotti, skirt from Supre, black and gold cuff from Colette, Alice from Taiwan.

Hope all of you are well and having a great week!! 


Queenie Lam said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! and that bird was so cute oh my gosh. Nice ending picture!

xfionanaa said...

I went to Taiwan but I couldn't find an Alice. Where'd you get yours?