June 10, 2012

Well rested

Hi lovelies! It's been a while hasn't it? I've finally finished my most difficult assessment pieces for the term so I'm back to blogging regularly for a couple of weeks ♥ A fair bit has happened over the last month so I'll just go with a photo post to update you guys if you haven't been following me on my other social networking sites.

 Artworks at GOMA

Upgraded version of Fiona Hall's workshop area. It's so much cleaner and refined now! 

Phong's 17th birthday!

Phong's birthday cake from Jun | Teriyaki chicken curry and karaage from Kadoya 

Loveliest girl in the world! Joy R T ♥

My new slippers that I broke on the bus the other day | I was having a good hair day (':

Professionally printed images that the art block did for me | Photos of my final sculptural submission

New fluffy jacket | One of my OOTDs

Salina is impossible to study with. We literally rolled on the floor for half an hour laughing at nothing | Sophia being exhausted after day three of cramming for block exams

I finally got a new bottle of my favourite perfume ♥♥♥ | Anika's amazing photograph that I'm obsessed with

New buys! Tote from Officeworks, necklace from eBay, bag from Sportsgirl, boots from Temt

Watching Alice be a top notch blogger | One of my work uniforms

Angela trying to stay warm while the sun blinded her | Last minute cramming for the maths B block exam

Hope all of you are well and that you have a wonderful week! ♥ Before I go here's another beautiful cover from Juicy. Show her some love?

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