June 30, 2012

Warner Bros. Movie World!

Oh gosh my head is still spinning from today. I went to Movie World with some of the lovelies from school today and finally managed to work up the courage to go onto the Superman Escape!! :) The lines were ridiculously long and the food was so expensive but apart from that I had an amazing day.

Adrieneeeee and sleepy Jun

Not in a very smiley mood

$8 hotdogs and a very excited Adrienne

I think I'm going to try take an early night so I can get rid of this headache. Hope you're all well and having a great weekend!

P.s If you didn't notice, I changed my fringe :)


CC said...

aw your new fringe looks so pretty! ^^

Melody said...

Yay we have matching fringes <3

Anonymous said...

I went to movie world in the holidays too!