May 11, 2012

A while's worth

Hi dollies! Sorry for this post being incredibly delayed. I was planning to blog on Monday but I remembered that I had 14 weeks worth of work which I somehow had to finish before earlier this afternoon. Woops! So yeahhhh, here's a quick little recap of what's been happening lately.

Dinner at Vapiano for Ruth's 20th birthday

New uniform for work. Square oversized knit from Supre, jeggings from Supre, satchel bag from Rubi, beanie from eBay, deer head necklace from eBay.

Waiting for the fireworks at Buddha's birthday festival. We got there early enough to be right next to the river!

Lying on the grass and virtually star gazing on Jason's Samsung S2.

Playing Jubeat on Adrian's iPad before the fireworks started.

First proper group photo with the loves of my life ♥

Ombreing Sandra's hair and prepping her for a photo shoot

Final submissions that I spent hours and hours sooking over

Photography documentation

Sculptural documentation

Cylinders of paper cutting placed into glass jars/bowls

Final submission of sculptural piece

Never again will I convince myself that I can complete so much work in such a short amount of time. I really let myself down and after walking into the art block this morning, my heart sank. People had huge bodies of work consisting of three or four pieces that had so much detail w o w. Oh well, hopefully my theory and second body of work for his year will pull my grade back up. 

Hope all of you are having a lovely Friday night; take care! ♥


Fern Li said...

your piece looks good!! :D really simple yet beautiful!
im sure your grades will get back up! leaving things last minute is never a good thing but people still do it anyway xD

oh and the food looks really good ;A; *tummy growls*

Tharangni said...

wow! seriously w o w! that last image with a paper cut out of bird, is AMAZING!

Ice Pandora said...

Darn amazing
skills with the paper
cutting! You are
such an original
artist c: