June 19, 2012


Hi lovelies! For those of you who haven't already seen on my sidebar or Twitter, a couple of my friends and I recently opened an online blog shop together. It's basically a collection of all the impulse buys we've made over the years that we're terribly desperate to get out of our closets. We're currently working on sending our items internationally (I'll be heading down to the post office soon to sort all of that out) so that'll be up and running soon :D Here's some of my items that I've already put up. If they're not your fancy then check out the store for some of Alice's items that she's selling ♥

I also recently attended my school's annual CREATE art exhibition. To be honest I was pretty disappointed with the night since I was still sooking about losing my wallet nooooo. My artist statement wasn't put on foam core even though I was told that it already was. Somebody stuck a ball of blutack onto one of my photos. They condensed the artworks into half the area that they did last year so it was humid and crowded everywhere, yuck. Nonetheless the setup of all the artworks was absolutely incredible and I guess that it was worth going to since it's my last year at the school anyway. Here are some images from the night! Most of the photo credits go to Jason.

I'll leave you guys with a photo of Liane and I from last weekend. Hope all of you are having a wonderful week!

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