June 26, 2012

Chocolateria San Churro

Outfit of the day

This post is going to be dedicated to the amazing little chocolate cafe that I visited today with Jihae and Dora! To be honest when I first heard about it I expected to be a little disappointed but when I actually got there their menu and prices just blew me away -melts-. I think the only thing that annoyed be a little was that the service was a bit slow but hey, I'd rather wait at a table for 10 minutes to be served than stand in line for 40. 

 Time for a bunch of photos! You may require a towel or two.

For anybody in Brisbane wondering where this is, it's just across the street from Gelare in Southbank.

Most of their dishes for one person are less than $10 *O*

This is my new wallet by the way!

These tiny babies were $2.50 each but the chocolate one was amaaaaazing.

Strawberry Bizcocho - $10

It doesn't look like much but under all of the melted chocolate and strawberries there's a rich mudcake that even the three of us couldn't finish.

Fondue for two - $18

Gigantic pot of melted chocolate that puts Max Brenner to shame.

I'm so hungry :( Hope all of you are having a lovely break! ♥


Fanny said...

love our outfit ^^

Julie said...

Omg..there's a San Churros in Sydney that I've been too lazy to try out but the food looks so good..I should pop by on the weekend haha

Melody said...

:( making Vu take me to San Churro this Friday now / gonna be all fatzo nom