July 9, 2012

Room tour time

Hi lovelies! Hope those of you back at school now had a great break and good luck for this term :( I thought that I should do a post now before all my school work begins to pile up again so here's the room tour that I've been putting off for way too long.

For some reason I'm not really in the typing mood tonight so I'll just leave it here tonight. Before I do though I'd like to apologise in advance for the future lack of posts >: Since it is now the most important term of my final year I probably won't be posting very much since I'll either be working or cooped up in a room with a pile of books near me. Hope you guys all had a lovely Monday and with any luck I'll have something to blog about some time soon ♥♥

1 comment :

h.tea said...

Your hair looks so pretty!! I love the way you've organised things in your bedroom and how you've pinned up your necklaces (clever!!).

Good luck with your studies! You're almost done!! :D